nuwave duralon ceramic nonstick 7 piece cookware set Review

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The Nuwave duralon ceramic nonstick 7 piece cookware set combines a cleaned attractive stainless steel exterior with an extensive copper-shaded 9H Duralon ceramic covering inside. It is much more grounded and more sturdy than most Teflon surfaces. It’s really beautiful looking, lightweight, and to a great degree moderate Presently. This could be considered as some Nuwave induction cooktop accessories for the branded cooker. however, that is overlooking the main issue that this set can be utilized on any induction-ready cooktop as a set which is one of the standout features of the product. 

Ideal for Preparing Single Meal

The set is perfect for preparing single dinners and get-ready soups and sauce in the 1.5-quart saucepot. Extensive portions are a snap utilizing the 5.5-quart stockpot for pasta, stews, or breakfast oats for a group. Every feast perfectly mirrors the craftsmanship of the hard-anodized construction that equitably warms your food while keeping it to a great degree simple to clean.

Quality And Simplicity

Nuwave duralon ceramic nonstick 7 piece cookware set cooktop pots and dishes are planned with quality and effortlessness for definitive comfort. Handles stay cool while you cook and offer enduring and solid performance with care and typical maintenance. Single portions benefit from the 2-quart non-stick interior surfaces that would scorch when cooked in a bigger pan.

Fry Pan and Sauce Pots

When you mean to purchase cookware for induction cooktops, you should put emphasis on quality, resistance, and durability. NuWave Silver 7 Piece Set offers you the opportunity to plan dinners as you like: this set incorporates a frying pan and three sauce pots with lids.

Better Energy Preservation and Ease of Cooking

This hard-anodized set is PTFE-and PFOA-free. The thick aluminum base gives the set astounding heat retention capacities for better energy preservation. This Nuwave cookware set uses impelling innovation, bringing about snappy and productive food preparation. Having solid, non-directing holders prompt simple handling and lessened injury threats while cooking. The silver aluminium cookware set has a viable non-stick surface that makes cooking and cleaning of the dishes convenient. The induction ready cookware set incorporates a frying pan and three sauce pots.

Aluminum Construction

The NuWave Silver 7 Piece Cookware Set has an aluminium construction: you have 10.5″ fry pan, 2-qt sauce skillet with a lid, 1.5-qt sauce container with cover, and 5.5-qt stockpot with top. So, all you need to do is to start cooking.

Silicone Handle

This cookware includes silicone handles, which give a comfortable hold. The non-stick surface will effectively discharge even the hardest foods without leaving food stuck to the skillet. This set also accompanies clear glass covers that permit you to closely monitor your foods while they cook, keeping the steam and warmth inside the container and pots for better results

Eco Friendly

This seven-piece cookware features both safe and natural materials that are eco-friendly and enduring. This set has a grade of strength at 10H, which is quite amazing, considering the average set is rated at 3H. This cookware additionally incorporates induction innovation, which implies the pots and dish heat up rapidly and equally, without the fear of hot spots.

One year Warranty

The set comes with a one-year warranty. So, you will have the luxury to get the problems fixed by the company if you face problems within the warranty period. Some might object that the warranty period is not quite long. However, prompt customer service and quick support make the warranty feature worthwhile. 


  • Works awesome with a Nuwave induction cooker – many individuals are getting some information about this
  • Totally induction cooktop ready cooking set
  • Excellent to take a look at with its two-tone shading – Stainless steel on the outside and Copper inside
  • Extraordinary non-stick covering makes cooking very easy
  • Easy to clean as a consequence of its exceptional covering
  • Incredible arrangement of all the pots that you really require without irrelevant additional items
  • Warms up rapidly, eliminating cooking time
  • Top-notch – well-made and heavy-duty for a long life span
  • PTFE free and PFOA free. 


Non-stick innovation is not secured under warranty, so you ought to take additional consideration to treat your set well. 


Can I use the cookware set every day?

You can use it every day and get reliable performance from the product. You just need to ensure that the non-stick cookware set is perfect for the gas range.

Can I use it on a regular electric stove?

Yes, you can use the cookware on a regular electric stove without facing any problem. In case you are looking to use metal utensils, it is highly recommended to use soft utensils so that the coated surface does not get damaged.


With simply enough kinds of pans for any type of meal at whatever time of day and with the easy-to-clean non-stick interiors, it gives you more opportunity for chatting with your visitors after the dinners have been served and mingle starts. So, you can have more time to relax as working with a Nuwave duration ceramic nonstick 7 piece cookware set is a lot easier than you may think.

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