cook n home 12-inch frying pan 8 to 10 -Inch Frying Pan 3 Piece set

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Cook N Home brand is very well-known for its great variety of items. They offer a cookware set of each material, Ceramic, Stainless steel, Teflon, and Hard-anodized. They are exceptionally versatile with their product offerings. If you are looking for induction cookware, then Cook N Home will not disappoint you too. In this article, you are going to get an overview of the features and details regarding Cook N Home 12-Inch Frying Pan 8 To 10 -Inch Frying Pan 3 Piece Set.

Cook N Home 12-Inch Frying Pan 8 To 10 -Inch Frying Pan 3 Piece Set – 3 Size Frying Pan

Cook N Home 12-Inch Frying Pan 8 To 10 -Inch Frying Pan 3 Piece Set includes frying pan 8-inch width by 1.7-inch height, frying pan 10-inch breadth by 2-inch height, frying pan 12-inch diameter across by 2.2-inch height. The base will work great on the new gas stove and pans covering will also make cooking and cleaning much less demanding too. These pots fit extremely all around settled into each other awesome for storing.

Nonstick Covering

The nonstick covering is top quality, cadmium, and leads free, strong double covering framework. Cookware utilizes thick gauge aluminium material which gives super heat conductive feature with no hot spot in the bottom. Heavy-duty pans, with a quality nonstick surface. These are nice and simple to hold, cool to touch, comfortable grasps, and well-balanced. One great thing about the cookware is that it is quite easy to clean as they are non-sticky and not thin.

Induction Compatible Bottom

The bottom is uniquely intended for an induction stove/range. The handle is a delicate feeling and great to handle, and stay cool amid cooking, handle connected to the dish with two strong rivets. The skillets have a thick base and thick sides. The heat is equitably distributed. The handles feel strong and tough. The green is more neon than a green apple. They were compactly packed with a liner between each to avoid scratches.

Comfortable Handle

When you hold the handle, you feel a sweet, delicate softness, which stays even at a high temperature. It is exceptionally comfortable to handle the pans and other cookware.


Cook N Home 8 to 10 to 12-Inch Frying Pan Set should have the capacity to conduct heat all through the entire area of the container and pots. This permits you to cook food speedier and thus you should go for this sort of cookware set to achieve efficiency while cooking.


  • Awesome green color.
  • Good quality. The skillets have a thick base.
  • Item looks great and cooks well.
  • Extremely decent skillets.
  • Nice and good purchase.
  • Incorporates three sizes: frying pan of 8-inch Diameter by 1.7-inch H, skillet 10-inch Diameter by 2-inch h, skillet 12-inch Dia by 2.2-inch.
  • Nonstick makes cleanup so much simple. A coating is a cadmium and lead-free, strong double coating system.
  • Uses additional thick gauge material for superheat control.
  • The base is extraordinarily intended for induction stove/range.
  • Handle is soft feeling and good to handle, and stays cool while cooking. 


  • The smallest pan doesn’t do the job on an induction cooktop. 


Can I use a metal utensil?

Try not to utilize metallic utensil, it will scratch nonstick covering, more than-warming will decay the nonstick covering, and putting a sizzling dish in cool drinking water will diminish nonstick covering.

Are they ceramic?

They are traditional nonstick.

Where are they made?

The product is made in China and designed in the U.S

Does the 8-inch pan work on induction?

The 8inch pan is magnetic, but the bottom of the pan is less than seven inches. So, it depends on your induction stove’s capacity to hold the smallest size pan to work on induction.


Cook N home is a decent brand for individuals who love cooking and don’t have the budget for different brands. This set is especially recommended for those who are struggling with their kitchen. You can get a set of these and make your kitchen simpler and joyful. If you like this brand and you need something more professional, you will love the Cook N Home 12-Inch Frying Pan 8 To 10 -Inch Frying Pan 3 Piece Set.

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